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To mention address of receiver is compulsory on invoice, in case of Inter-State Supply” says Mr. Upendra Gupta, Commissioner GST, CBEC

To mention address of receiver compulsory on invoice in case of Inter-State Supply” says Mr. Upendra Gupta, Commissioner GST, CBEC

New Delhi: The Saturday morning dated 12 Aug 2017, in a fruitful broadcast show by ALL INDIA RADIO on "GOODS AND SERVICES TAX: A DISCUSSION ON RETURNS AND PUBLIC PARTICIPATION" wherein the guests were Mr. Upendra Gupta (Commissioner GST, CBEC), Mr. Anand Kumar Tiwari (Commissioner, SGST, Delhi) and CA Manish Malhotra (Founder,, the listeners were highly benefited as a lot of queries regarding GST and its application were raised and duly answered by the guests. The queries were taken from all the corners of India.

upendra gupta in a radio show for gst

 The main problem that each and every individual consumer is facing today is that they do not have much knowledge about GST rates and provisions and hence the vendors charge them high and they have to pay. Their concern is that from where would the common public get to know about the provisions and rates.

In a reply to this, Mr. Upendra Gupta said that there have been a series of Consumer Awareness Programmes and Camps that have been and are still being organised by the Authorities in almost all the parts of the country in regional languages and many articles have been published in all the newspapers, a special GST Master Class was organised by GSTN with a motive to make the consumer aware of what GST is and what are the various rates involved in GST.

He further added:”We have incorporated special GST SEVA KENDRA for the common public. Anyone can walk in with whatever queries they have and ask for a solution. The queries will definitely be heard and even answered.

Further questions were raised regarding check on payment of taxes. In a reply to this Mr. Gupta and Mr. Malhotra had same views. They added in the show the MATCHING CONCEPT OF GOODS AND SERVICES TAX clarifying further that this mechanism would work as a “SELF CHECK AND VARIFICATION TOOL”. The parties would automa

Anand Kumar Tiwari during a discussion with Manish Malhotra

tically be able to check whether the related taxes have been paid or not.

Another question was whether rates will increase or decrease in GST Regime. Answering this Mr. Gupta said “The Tax Rates have been decided keeping in mind CPI and various other points and hence the rates are either equal to what they were in the previous regimes or have decreased in 85% of the cases, there has been no increase in the taxes rates. Various business houses have reduced their rates and some are undergoing rate revision.” Hence he ensured the listeners that the overall rates of goods and services will definitely come down. He further ensured that there will be a clear transparency in the Indian Taxation System.

A major statement by Mr. Gupta was that all the suppliers getting into inter-state transactions exceeding Rs. 50,000/- will have to ensure that the address of the other party to the transaction has been separately mentioned in the invoice. It is a compulsion in the GOODS AND SERVICES TAX.