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Implementation and Current Status GSTN

 Implementation plan




Figure 9: Owners of various components

The GST IT implementation requires various stakeholders to implement new IT systems, or modify existing systems. All these stakeholders are on the critical path for GST readiness in April 2011. Implementation plans for various stakeholders, and interfaces between stakeholders should be frozen, and agreed to by all before implementation can commence. Figure 9 lists the components to be implemented by various stakeholders to go live in April 2011.

Current Status of GSTN implementation

The Ministry of Finance, with the concurrence of the Empowered Committee of State Finance Ministers, has set up an Empowered Group on IT Infrastructure for GST with, inter alia, the mandate of approving the Solution architecture of the Common GST portal to be set up, Suggesting the modalities for setting up of a National Information Utility (NIU / SPV) and evaluating the suitability of the existing NIUs namely NSDL & NPCL for incubating the NIU/SPV for GST portal. The ‘Empowered Group on IT Infrastructure for GST’ in its first meeting evaluated the feasibility of incubating the NIU, called GSTN, in NSDL and came to the conclusion that NSDL is well suited for this purpose. The scope of the project and implementation strategy is being worked out with the NSDL.