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Something good for traders, GST council recommends rate reduction

New Delhi: GST council in their 28th meeting recommend the rate reduction on around 60 products. Sanitary napkins fully exempted.

Download press release from below

1. GST rates on services recommendation by GST council 28th meet

2. Goods rates Recommendations by GST council 28th meet

*GST Council Updates*

1. Quarterly Returns approved for taxpayers with turnover less than Rs 5cr ( *tax payments to continue on monthly basis*)

2. Sanitary Napkins exempted from GST going forward

3. No decision on 1% sugar cess

4. GST on bamboo flooring reduced to 12%

5. GST on hotels would now be on actual tariff & not declares tariff

6. Ethanol for Oil Marketing Companies now at 5% vs 18% earlier

7. 5% GST ceiling on footwear raised from Rs 500 to Rs 1000

8. GST on paints & varnishes, wall putty cut from 28% to 18%
9. GST on all leather items cut from 28% to 18%

10. GST on consumer electronics – *TV (up to 27″), Washing Machine, Refrigerator, mixer, juicer, grinder* cut from 28% to 18%

11. GST on special purpose vehicles, work truck, trailer cut from 28% to 18%

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