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Delhi’s Government Initiative, An interactive session with Traders for GST

New Delhi: 21st day of December 2011, in the noon at 12, an interactive session of GST Market Support Committees took place in the Convention Hall of Ashok Hotel, New Delhi. The session was chiefly seated by the Chief Minister of Delhi, Mr. Arvind Kejirwal. The deck constituted of Mr. Manish Sisodia, the Finance Minister of Delhi, Mr. H Rajesh Prasad, Commissioner, GST/State Tax and Mr. S N Sahai, Principle Secretary, Finance. Many traders from different parts of Delhi along with the presidents of all the trade committees were present as the audience.

arvind kejrival

The motive for the session was to get a practical insight into the problems that the traders are facing with the implementation of GST law. It was second of this kind of session in Delhi. The first session was held in the mid of November.

All the traders were having enormous issues with the applicability of the GST which were openly discussed in the convention. The most important issue discussed was the rate of taxes. Almost all the traders were of the opinion to reduce the amount of taxes applicable to various commodities. They demanded a reduction in the rates currently imposed in the market so as to lower the burden on them as well as the consumer.

Another important issue discussed was the vagueness of HSN codes. Many traders said that it is not clear as to which HSN code is applicable to which commodity and this in turn differentiates the rate of tax charged by different suppliers for the same commodity. The traders demanded a clarification of HSN codes and respective meanings for a better understanding of the applicable rates.

The most important topic of discussion was E-WAY BILLS. Some of the traders were found to be against the introduction of E-Way bills. According to these traders E-way Bill will just make the transportation process complex and would increase paper work. To this Mr. Sisodia added that he is completely against the introduction of E-Way bills in The State of Delhi. He added that the states have been given freedom to decide whether they want this bill or not. He ensured the Traders that he will try his best to stop this introduction. Various other issues related to E-way Bills were also discussed.

Finally the event was rested by Mr.kejriwal with his words. He explained the purpose of the meeting was to collect necessary inputs to be used in the next GST Council Meeting which is planned to be held soon. He thanked the traders for being helpful in the success of such a big TAX REFORM and for being an important contributor in the Economic Growth of Delhi and India on the whole. He ensured them to strike out all the problems that they are facing in the application of GST Law and promised them for all the help that The State can do to the traders in effective functioning.

The next meeting of this kind is planned to be organized in the mid of January for more such inputs so that the Goods and Services Tax can the improved as much as can for the betterment of the Economy.