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GST rates on Job worker reduced and major relief to others also, changes in gst rates by council

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In the 20th meeting of GST council, some relief and exemption from present gst rates.

Major relaxation for job worker in textile sector,  gst rates on job worker  from textile sector reduced to 5% from existing 18% rate.

GST Council Changes Rates at 20th GST Council Meeting

1. Textile job works reduced to 5%

2. Government works contract reduced to 12% with ITC

3. Job work for printing books and newspapers etc will be 12% (if only content provided by publisher and all input of paper etc belongs to printer)

4. Job work for printing books and newspapers will be 5% (if Input used belongs to publisher and not Printer)

5. Agriculture Services of post Harvest and storage reduced to 12%

6. Entry to Planetarium – rate reduced to 18%

7. Rent a Cab Operator-Allowed option of 12% GST with full ITC. 5% GST with no ITC will also continue

8. GTA- Allowed option of 12% GST with full ITC under forward charge. 5% GST with no ITC will also continue (However, the GTA has to give an option at the beginning of financial year)

9. Tractor parts would attract the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate of 18 % instead of 28 % previously.

10. Margin/commission payable to Fair Price Shop Dealers by Central/ State Governments- 0%

11. In case of housekeeping services such as plumbers through E-commerce Operator, it is the liability of the aggregator to pay GST

12. Goods and services used specifically for the purposes FIFA Youth World Cup later this year in India has been exempted from GST.