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GST council meeting – exports will held on 19 sep 2017

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GST council meeting – exports will held on 19 sep 2017

The meeeting of “Committee of Exports” , constituted by GST council will be held on tuesday, 19/09/2017.

The representatives from 8 exports promotions association will discuss about difficulties faced.

The meeting will be conducted in the presence of revenue and commerce secretaries.


GST COUNCIL also requested for recommendation before the meeting.


In reply various stake holders responded with lots of expectation to enhance exports and remove to irrelevant barriers, some of are as follows:-


@Sanjay Malhotra suggested to consider -“INCREASE IN MEIS rate & Utilization against IGST.

@Hemant Prajapati suggested to consider deemed exports, because domestic capital goods industry is getting hit.

Mostly interested to talk about LOU/BONDS



The benefit for previous law like form H or C is also asking for


We will share the outcomes from conclusion of the meeting, CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE UPDATES