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Good or bad – only time will tell

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It is a little too early to say what will be the impact of GST. 

Battle lines are drawn & we hear from both sides – pro & anti. 

Any decision in a democracy cannot be a knee jerk decision but a well evaluated one. What went into the decision to have multiple slabs, the decision to include some categories & exclude some – will perhaps never be known but will leave us with questions none the less.

 The decision to impose higher GST on services that an honest tax payer shoudl be expecting from his government – getting higher GST or even tax in the first place is a shame. 

Health insurance premium, life insurance premiums – can an individual not also protect against bad times. Does the government really have to make money on this ? there will be many such questions from the working class who by virtue of their hard work & not luck or inheritance have made it to where they have. Guess this segment will never find favors from the government. 

It will always be clubbed & penalised with extra taxes but nothing extra to show in terms of services. GST was a chance to address some of these anomalies. an opportunity lost at the altar of contorted thinking…

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