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System Failure: For GSTIN

Kalpesh LalanKalpesh Lalan Staff asked 9 months ago

Dear Sir / Madam
We are trying to file the transition form for availing our Input Credit available under VAT returns
while finally filling the Transition form – their occurs a message indicating System Failure: For GSTIN
we called the help line number, they suggested to mail to helpdesk with the details of the problem,which we did but no response from them as well, the error is happening since yesterday
Kindly provide the solution for the same 

1 Answers
MANISH MALHOTRA FounderMANISH MALHOTRA Staff answered 9 months ago

System failure is an error which may occur due to heavy site load or multi-browser login.
Refreshing the browser may be a solution, but I am not sure. 
Also It is always  advisable to write to helpdesk, which you already did.
I suggest you to try some time later or with other computer. Although helpdesk is the ultimate authority to respond.
I also request you to share the answer received from helpdesk for others.