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IGST on Rental Income

Mohsin RazaMohsin Raza Staff asked 1 year ago

My question is, how to account GST if the services are provided & rendered in the same state but the Invoice is prepared for the other state?
For example : I am from Bangalore, I have rendered services in Bangalore. But I have to raise the invoice in Chennai Address. also I receive the payment from Chennai. In this regards how do I account GST? Should I account it with IGST or not?
Please clear my doubt.

2 Answers
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EDITOR FounderFounder MANISH MALHOTRA Staff answered 1 year ago

Place of Supply and Location of supplier both are in the same state i.e BANGALORE hence no need to charge IGST.
Hope you find the answer. 

Mohsin RazaMohsin Raza Staff answered 1 year ago

Thanks for your reply