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IGST on rental

Sachin GuptaSachin Gupta Staff asked 10 months ago

I have an event firm with GST registration in UP.  I have taken a place on rent in Rajasthan from a mall in Rajasthan with Rajasthan GST registration. They are saying that they will charge CGST + SGST as place of supply is Rajasthan but I think that they should charge me IGST as I am based out of UP with GST registration of UP otherwise how will I take input credit when I will charge IGST from client (who is in Maharashtra and for the client we are doing activity in rajasthan). Plz guide the correct process.  

1 Answers
MANISH MALHOTRA FounderMANISH MALHOTRA Staff answered 10 months ago

Dear Sachin,
Here Location of supplier is – Rajasthan 
location of receiver is – UP
place of service is – Rajasthan 

  1. They are saying nothing wrong, as the place of supply is at Rajasthan.  They will charge CGSt+SGST

Also you can take credit of CGST and SGST towards payment of IGST, no need to worry.

Only CGST to SGST and Vice versa not possible.

Hope you find the answer!