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GST on rental income

Niraj Rohatginiraj rohatgi Staff asked 10 months ago

I am residing in Delhi,but I have rental income in Haryana and Telengana. Together the total rent is 
6 lakhs per annum ,my gross income is around 8.5 lakhs . Do I have to get myself registered for GST?

2 Answers
MANISH MALHOTRA FounderMANISH MALHOTRA Staff answered 8 months ago

It is not mandatory to take registration in your cases , as the threshold limit is 20 Lakhs and your gross receipts are within the limit.
However if you want to apply for GST registration,  you may


However the above provisions not applicable for letting out of residential purpose

Arun AyyerArun Ayyer Staff answered 8 months ago

If you are letting it out for residential purpose then it is totally exempted from GST irrespective of your Turnover goes above Rs. 20 Lakhs or not and registration due to that is not required. But if you are letting it out for commercial purposes then you are required to get it registered if the turnover from such income falls above Rs.20 Lakhs.
In your case assuming it that you are letting it out for residential purposes. Hence, you are not liable to get registered under GST.