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Pallavi KoletyPallavi Kolety Staff asked 10 months ago

Dear Sir/Mam, I have a query regarding whether GST registration to be taken or not. We have a unit in FTWZ Panvel and we purchase & Sale through FTWZ panvel we have also taken the GST number for that unit but for customers in south we also have an option that we bring the material in Shricity (FTWZ Godown Chennai) where we do not have the unit that is we are not the unit holder but Siddharatha logistic who is our CHA they have the unit and we are the customer of them so they import our goods on our behalf and we raise a sale invoice addressing our corporate office so my query is now after GST implementation should I required to take the GST number for Shricity warehouse,and invoicing which address I have to put please let me know. As we have two GST number one for our office (Mumbai) and other for FTWZ Panvel Warehouse. Thanks & Regards Pallavi Kolety