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GST Impact on selling second hand books through website

Arjun GuliyaArjun Guliya Staff asked 10 months ago

I am Class 8 student. During my summer vacations, the project I undertook was one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, that is, “Responsible Consumption & Production”. As an outcome of that project, I am working on a social business idea. I need to know how the tax would work for the following transaction – “Student A has old books of her previous class. Student B is willing to buy those books for less than the price of new books because these are old books. Student C (me) is creating an e-commerce website to facilitate this transaction. Student C will take some charge (% of selling price) to help this transaction including picking books from Student A and delivering it to Student B using a courier. A part of the money earned by Student C will go to NGO.” 
So, I have following questions:  
(a) What would be the tax applicable for Student A, Student B & Student C (me)?
(b) Who needs to get registered for GST?
(c) How will the tax be deposited/deducted? 
Thank you.