E-way Bills on the way to implementation” says H Rajesh Prasad, Commissioner, GST/State Tax

New Delhi:21 Dec 2017

During an interview to GSTSEVA, Mr. H Rajesh Prasad, Commissioner, GST/State Tax, Delhi said that the E-Way Bills have completely been planned by the GST Council for implementation and would soon be implemented in the State of Delhi as well. He said that the main motive of the E-way Bills is better supervision of all the movement of goods related transactions within the country. He added that it would be very much beneficial for all the traders throughout the state as it would lower down the complications.

He also added that the robust IT Infrastructure of the GST Network is completely ready to welcome the implementation of E-way Bills throughout India.


When asked about the tax revenue, he said that the overall revenue collection from taxes has definitely increased with the introduction of GST and has shown a positive trend since July. He also added that the revenue has been lower in the month of November as compared to previous months due to some unavoidable reasons but he ensured that with the completion of first cycle, the revenues will definitely show a very good growth.