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Answer for GST RATE

FOR 8419 we find
Storage water heaters, non-electric [8419 19] (other than solar water heater and system), Pressure vessels, reactors, columns or towers or chemical storage tanks [8419 89 10], Glass lined equipment [8419 89 20],  Auto claves other than for cooking or heating food, not elsewhere specified or included [8419 89 30],  Cooling towers and similar plants for direct cooling (without a separating wall) by means of recirculated water [8419 89 40], Plant growth chambers and rooms and tissue culture chambers and rooms having temperature, humidity or light control [8419 89 60], Apparatus for rapid heating of semi- conductor devices , apparatus for chemical or physical vapour deposition on semiconductor wafers; apparatus for chemical vapour deposition on LCD substratus [8419 89 70]; parts [8419 90]

IGST 28%
CGST 14%
SGST 14%

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