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Last Chance : Rectify your GST return errors Know How

Expert Says: Knowingly and Unknowingly Many taxpayers had made mistakes while filing gst returns and this because of understanding of new law. Also pressure of filling gst return on time to save penalty is the reason of errors. GST: Don’t miss the last chance to

Exemption from E-Way bill, when e waybill not require

Exemption from E-Way bill, when e waybill not require Eway is mandatory under GST and it is require to be furnish prior to the commencement of movement of goods.  E-way bills mandate by Rule 138 of E-Way Bill rules under GST. There are broadly two

GST Registration online

GST Registration online GST i.e Goods and Service tax is an indirect tax and its applicable to whole India. And supplier of goods and services are liable to register under GST.  Know more about GST Some Questions Related to gst registration comes in every businessmen’s

GTA Goods Transport Agency

GTA Goods Transport Agency GTA – AT A GLANCE INTRODUCTION :-   Goods Transport Agency has not been defined in GST Act . However , notifications related to provisions regarding GTA services have been issued by Central Tax 2017 on various dates. An attempt has


gst tran 1 STEP BY STEP GUIDELINES FOR FILING GST RETURN TRAN-1   INTRODUCTION :- A major concern for businessmen registered under GST is to avail Tax Benefit & Input Credit of Old Regime . In order to avail such benefit , a registered person

What is high-seas sale, Is High-seas Sale taxable under IGST?

What is high Seas Sale? High Seas Sale is supply under GST, now the question What is high-seas sale, Is High-seas Sale taxable under IGST? “Sales in the course of Import” In simple world sale taking place(i.e supply of goods, through change in title) before

How to amend or modify GST registration

How to amend or modify GST registration, here is the article submitted by one of our user:-   GST registration is mandatory for the existing tax payers. There may be chances that one has entered wrong or incomplete information on the GST portal. There is

Get Ready for Transport E-way Bill

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) is rolled out on 1 July, 2017 (in few countries it is also known and Value Added Tax) and definitely this will create a positive as well as negative impact on various sectors. Sectors like Textiles, Auto, Engineering, Capital


As we know, despite of numerous benefits of GST it will be very difficult for traders, turnover not less than 20 lakhs, to adopt it in its present form because of the complications that would arise after its implementation. PROBLEMS THAT ARE GOING TO ARISE

Good or bad – only time will tell

It is a little too early to say what will be the impact of GST.  Battle lines are drawn & we hear from both sides – pro & anti.  Any decision in a democracy cannot be a knee jerk decision but a well evaluated one.

How to do work under GST- Step by Step Guide 

Step By Step guide to work under GST under transition phase. List to activities you need to know for GST.   Return, records, process  and planning for GST. 1. Get Complete your working for Closing Stock for the period 31.3.2017 / 30.6.2017 before GST Implementation date. 

Input Service Distributor i.e ISD under GST

Relevance/Importance of ISD in GST INPUT SERVICE DISTRIBUTOR UNDER GST Input Service Distributor has been defined Section 2(61) of CGST ACT. The main objective of Input Service Distributor (ISD) is to receive and distribute the Input Credit to the eligible offices / departments / branches


Companies have set up units with significant investment outlays based on incentives offered by States under their respective investment promotion policies. These incentives are usually in the form of tariff incentives (lower tax rates, refund /deferment of taxes etc.) and non-tariff incentives (economical land lease

Dual Structure Challenge in GST Determination

At present, State Value Added Tax (VAT) applies to the intrastate sale of goods, whereas Central Sales Tax (CST) is levied on the interstate sale of goods. Since revenue from these taxes is retained by the originating state, they are known as Origin-Based Taxes (OBT).

Advantages of GST – Goods and Services Tax

Top 10 Advantage of Goods And Services Tax ( GST ) are as follows:- One Nation One Tax:- The one of the major advantage about GST in India that it is going to replace many indirect taxes like Central Excise Duty Additional Excise Duties The

A Comparison in price present tax system vs GST

A comparison between pricing GST VS EXISTING system DOWNLOAD PDF  FILE GST COMPARISON Rate PRESENT SYSTEM UNDER GST FACTORY (RS.) (RS.) COST OF PRODUCTION 500.00 500.00 MARGIN OF MANUFACTURER 200.00 200.00 EXCISE(Computed on Transaction Value) 12.50% 87.50 0.00 GST 18% 0.00 126.00 TOTAL PRICE TO TAKE

Solar power companies fret over GST cost; find out why

Lack of clarity on how the likely additional costs as input taxes in the upcoming Goods and Services Tax  (GST) regime would be allowed as a pass-through by the regulators has put the potential bidders for solar power projects in a bind. At stake are