Businessmen are the biggest supporters of GST says Praveen Khandelwal to NDTV

muqabla ndtv with abhigyan prakash

New Delhi: 21 OCT 2017
During a popular show of NDTV- MUQABALA with Abhigyan Prakash, Praveen Khandelwal National Secretary General of CAIT (Confederation of All India Traders) raised various problems/issues which arose after demonetization and GST.

However he reasonably quoted the Businessmen are the biggest supporters of GST.  In this program Alok Mehta Senior Journalist also raise some valid points.

video source: NDTV

Rajesh Sharma from BJP quoted GST as a biggest achievement of Government after demonetization .

Manish Malhotra, editor GSTSEVA agreed that GST is good but not successfully implemented as it was expected.

Professor Arun Kumar from Institute of Social Sciences suggested some measures with stats for the sake of healthy economy.

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